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Kids Banned From Graduation for Staged Lightsaber Fight

We’ve come a long way from the days when high school kids playing with lightsabers was the topic of internet derision/love (they are so often the same thing on the internet), and even farther from the days when kids who were that into Star Wars wouldn’t dream of letting the rest of the school catch on. But in a move that makes our inner teenagers cry out with a resounding “Dude, come on,” a Massachusetts high school has suspended two seniors and barred them from walking at their own graduation for staging a mock-light-saber battle in the cafeteria.

KO: George Lucas, where are YOU????

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4 Ways To Help Missouri's Tornado Victims

4 Ways To Help Missouris Tornado Victims
A tornado touched down Sunday in Joplin, Missouri, killing 89 people. The latest tornado to hit the South has raised the death toll to more than 400 people in recent months after a series of devastating twisters. The May 22 tornado ripped a six-mile path across the southwestern part of…

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"The dangerous man is the one who has only one idea, because then he’ll fight and die for it." ~ Francis Crick